Estelle Maher

My name is Estelle Maher. I’m a writer of contemporary fiction in which I have weaved fantasy elements of ghosts and angels.

My first novel, Grace & The Ghost, is officially an ‘Amazon Best Seller‘ and an ‘Award Winning’ book. My second book, Angel’s Rebellion, a spin off from Grace & The Ghost also became a bestseller. My third book is based on diary entries of my cancer journey in 2019. The Killing of Tracey Titmass, published by Beaten Track Publishing is also available from Amazon..

Grace and the Ghost Video

A compelling novel, ‘Grace and the Ghost’ is about an unusual friendship between Grace, and the recently passed Crowley. It takes them on a journey that changes them forever.

Angels Rebellion Video

Crowley’s back! And this time he’s bagged himself a steady job in Heaven as a Spiritual Guide.

Grace and the Ghost

Grace Hammond is visited by a stranger called Crowley with a task to change her life for good.  Trouble is, Crowley is a ghost and neither know what the task is and poor Crowley cannot cross over without Grace’s help.

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Angel's Rebellion

Crowley, now as a Spiritual Guide needs Sean Allister’s help to keep Heaven in check.  The angel’s want more, which could destroy the spiritual belief’s of humankind.  Can the balance between Heaven and Earth really be saved by a gay, fake tan addict human and a whisky swilling Spiritual Guide.

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